Hospital Waiting Time Increases Even After the NHS Reforms

Hospital Waiting Time Increases Even After the NHS ReformsHospital waiting times have risen in the past few years, even after a number of NHS reforms were introduced in the health sector. Recent figures have revealed that number of trusts failing to meet the 18-week deadline for patients to be seen after being referred by GPs has doubled in a year from 25 to 51.

Due to the rise in waiting time, Prime Minster David Cameron has to face criticism for failing of his plans related to the HNS trusts. After the election, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has opposed the Labor’s 18-week target, which was set to bring reduce the number of patients waiting for the treatment. Mr. Cameron has still assured the patients that they will be seen within the limit.

In response to the claims made by Mr. Cameron, Shadow Health Secretary, John Healey said, “David Cameron is breaking his NHS promises, with waits for tests trebling in the past year and hospital waiting time limits more than doubling”. He added that Mr. Cameron has failed to reduce the waiting time due to which patients suffer, as they do not receive timely treatment.