Stillbirth Maybe Triggered by Sleeping Positions

Stillbirth Maybe Triggered by Sleeping PositionsResearchers at the University of Auckland are reported to have discovered the connection between sleeping position in the final hours of pregnancy and the risk of late stillbirth.

Also, women who do not sleep on their left side on their last night of pregnancy have twice the risk of late stillbirth, when compared to those that sleep on their left side.

The entire risk is said to be very small, as 1.96 stillbirths were recorded for each woman out of 1,000 women, who slept on their left side just before giving birth, and 3.93 stillbirths for a woman out the 1,000 women who slept in any other position.

However, the World Health Organization discovered in a series of studies earlier this year that; “more than 2.6 million pregnancies end in stillbirth each year, mostly among women in poor countries, which adds up to more than
7,200 stillborn babies every day”.

Hence, the organization stated it was imported to do a valid research on how to reduce the risk of late stillbirth.

Child Health Researcher and study co-author, Ed Mitchell of Cure Kids, said; "This is a new observation and given that stillbirth rates in New Zealand have not changed in 20 years, it is a dramatic result".

Moreover, the authors of the research have warned that pregnant women should not become too agitated regarding their sleeping positions, as a result of the reports.