Link between Diabetes, Heart Disease and Watching TV Revealed

Link between Diabetes, Heart Disease and Watching TV RevealedAccording to reports, a US study has revealed that those people, who spend lots of hours tuned to their TV sets, stand greater chances of being diabetic, developing a heart attack or dying.

Frank Hu, author of the report and professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, stated, “Spending too much time watching TV is bad for health and Couch potatoes should be aware of the health hazards of prolonged TV-watching habits. Perhaps TV programs or manufacturers should carry a warning label about the health hazards”.

However, Hu along with Andres Grontved, co-author, examined studies from the United States, Europe and Australia, which were connected to watching TV, with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature death.

They discovered that among a group of 100,000 people, every 2-hour spent tuned to the television each day was linked to ‘176 new cases of Type 2 diabetes, 38 new cases of fatal heart disease and 104 deaths a year’.

Moreover, Europeans and Australians were reported to spend an average of three to four hours watching TV every day, which is less than Americans who that spend an average of 5 hours a day.