Scientists Develop Vaccine that Destroys Advanced Prostate Cancer

Scientists Develop Vaccine that Destroys Advanced Prostate CancerScientists are reported to have developed a vaccine that destroys advanced prostate cancer, as the healthy tissues are left ‘untouched’. During the laboratory test, the gene therapy jab eliminated 80% of the cancer without side effects.

Also, contrary to the conventional vaccine which is given to prevent infection with a virus or bacteria, the new treatment is said to be administered after the cancer has been contracted.

Though the jab has only been tested on prostate tumors, it is believed to have the ability to work on other deadly cancers like the breast, lung and pancreatic cancer.

Prof Alan Melcher, from the University of Leeds, co-leader of the research, said: “So far it looks safe and if it continues to look safe there’s nothing we wouldn’t rule out, and vaccines work by stimulating the body’s immune system to recognize antigens - distinctive proteins that are found on surfaces of cells”.

Moreover, though the vaccine is said not to have triggered the immune system to ‘overreact’ and cause severe side effects in the mice used in the experiment, it requires further development and test in humans, before the technique is declared suitable to treat cancer patients.