Philippine Doctors Pledge to Assure a Smoke-Free Environment

Philippine Doctors Pledge to Assure a Smoke-Free EnvironmentThe Philippine Medical Association is working towards protecting people from the danger of second hand smoking, which said to be as harmful as first hand smoking. The association is formed by a group of doctors. The Philippine Medical Association is of the view that every Filipino deserves to live in a pollution-free environment.

It has emerged that in the Philippines, about 10 Filipino dies every hour because of second hand smoke. It has further been revealed that about six out of 10 primary illnesses likes stroke, cancer, heart attack, tuberculosis, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia are caused by tobacco.

A study conducted by the World Lung Foundation and International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease has revealed that more than 20% of heart attacks in Metro Manila can be attributed to secondhand smoke.

In order to provide a smoke free world a campaign called Balik-Eskwela has been launched. The campaign is aimed at 100% smoke-free schools by imposing ban on smoking inside and outside the school premises. The campaign has also recommended a ban of sales of cigarettes within 100 meters from any point of the school perimeter, in playgrounds and other places frequented by minors.