Inadequate Social Care for Elder People

Inadequate Social Care for Elder PeopleA report compiled by Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and Alzheimer's Society has revealed that social care system is failing to meet the needs of many vulnerable people. The report has unveiled that more than half a million people are dependent upon social care for tasks like eating, drinking and going to the toilet.

According to the report, the social care has been neglecting the care of people for long as they are not adequately trained. It is believed that lack of funding has triggered this situation.

It has further been revealed that the basic human rights of some aged people receiving care at home are being abused. They are provided with poor facilities like soiled beds or clothing. The older people at care home have reported that they are fearsome of reporting complains because of the reaction that they might get from the care homes.

The report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has revealed it had identified a number of significant problems, such as old people not being washed properly, not being given proper help with eating or drinking, and being left in bed for 17 hours in some cases. The EHRC’s revelation was made after it conducted a surprise inspection into home cares in England.