Police Officer Helping Children to Be Aware of Road Safety

Police Officer Helping Children to Be Aware of Road SafetyAccording to the sources, it was revealed that police officers are helping children to learn and make them aware of the road safety on the occasion of National Child Safety Week which starts from today and will finish on Friday.

Police Officers have also reported that they will work alongside with other agencies to guide and educate the youngsters about the road safety.

Road Policing Chief Inspector, Debbie Howard says, “Between April 2010 and March 2011, there were 118 children seriously injured and 652 children slightly injured. We are committed to reducing this figure and are dedicated to working with children and their parents to help keep them safe on our roads. Pedestrian crossings should always be used where they are available and children need to be aware of the dangers of using mobile phones and mp3 players whilst walking near busy roads.”

In a survey for the Child Accident Prevention Trust, it was found out that parents either strap their child into the highchair or move away the hot drinks away from them and some of the parents tie up their window blind cords.

It was revealed; in UK, around 45 children are brought to the hospital as the cases of being burnt by the hot drinks and a child fell from highchair can undergo through brain damage and some toddlers were strangled in the blind cords.