NHS Promotes Breastfeeding with the Support of 100 Mothers

NHS Promotes Breastfeeding with the Support of 100 MothersWithin a decade, breastfeeding has remarkably improved in Britain and many other regions. As per report of a study done in the UK, eight out ten babies were given breastfeed these days which used to be given to six out ten babies in 1990. The NHS Information Centre revealed that increased breastfeeding was at a higher rate in England in comparison to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week was conducted in Manchester supported by the NHS. During this week, a group of 100 mothers of all age groups gathered at the Trafford Centre and gave breastfeed to their babies in front of the shoppers present in the complex in order to make people aware and importance of breastfeeding.

As per the organizer of the event Alison Healey, a Breastfeeding Coordinator at NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan, said there were a number of advantages linked to choosing to breastfeed. The children who were breastfed were at a lower risk of diarrhea, ear and chest infections and eczema and an improved immune system. Moreover, a healthy life for babies is greatly enhanced by parents choosing to breastfeed instead of feeding their baby with formula milk.