London Suffers with Air Pollution, Says Campaign for Clean Air

London Suffers with Air Pollution, Says Campaign for Clean AirThe school premises were suffering with the problem of polluted air due to the passing of 10,000 vehicles around the 150 meters radius of the schools, says Campaign for Clean Air in London group.

Around 305 children were suffering from asthma due to increase in pollution in the air. The people residing in old London were claimed to be at a higher risk and the reports from European and medical experts predicted deaths of
4,267 occurred in 2008 due to the presence of dangerous particles in the air. The Campaign for Clean Air had appealed the government to take some strict measures to control the air pollution in the region as this time the death rates were likely to surpass the previous record of 2008.

Prime Minister David Cameron said in relation to the appeal that the government was not in a situation to clean the air in a short period of time and that the project was expected to accomplish by 2025 which surpassed the deadline of 2015 by ten years. Simon Birkett, Director of Campaign on Clean Air was quiet disappointed by the response of the government on this issue.

As per Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, measures to curb harmful emissions were taken, including age limits for black cabs, more investment into cycling, cleaner buses, and new tougher standards for the London Low Emission Zone.