Plans to Ensure Youth Offender’s Mental Health to Be Properly Assessed

Plans to Ensure Youth Offender’s Mental Health to Be Properly AssessedWhen it comes to mental health expectations on youth arriving and departing juvenile detention, it seems that stricter monitoring needs to be conducted. The Children’s Commission for England conducted a study that calls for much more needed attention towards the quality of standard for minimizing the risk offenders present.

Those passing through the doors of juvenile detention in UK have various mental health issues that are not taken into account. Figures show that 85% of youth have personality disorders, 60% have speech or language problems and 25% have learning difficulties.

In order to help the offenders, their mental issues must be properly assessed first. A spokesman from the Department of Health states: “We recognize that young people in custody are some of the most vulnerable in society and that good access to health and mental health services is key to breaking the cycle of offending”.

The government is currently working on an action plan to realize the necessary rights the children require and ensure that their mental illnesses are dealt with while in juvenile detention.