‘Have A Heart’ To Save Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit

‘Have A Heart’ To Save Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery UnitYesterday, the Prime Minister, David Cameron had acknowledged a 520,000 signature petition, through a campaign ‘Have a Heart’, demanding to save Leeds children’s heart surgery unit. The petition credited to be the biggest regional petition ever.

The campaign became operational soon after the health unit was put under threat as health authorities have launched a national review of the specialist centers which could see 11 units nationally cut to six or seven and the Southampton centre.

The closure of unit will force the patients to travel a long distance to avail treatment for children, claimed the sources.

“This shows the power of the regional press and is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing – fighting for an extremely worthwhile cause that is close to the heart of the community”, said the Editor of Daily Echo, Gordon Sutter. “Now we just hope that the Prime Minister listens to the people of the south by intervening and making sure the unit is saved”.

Additionally, an NHS review has suggested that there should be fewer, larger centers and proposals that need a serious consideration as well as discussion while recommending at least four surgeons per unit. The recommendation indicates that at least four out of 11 hospitals will stop their operations.