Bristol Hospital Lacks in Providing Care

Bristol Hospital Lacks in Providing CareA report by health watchdog, NICE has revealed that care of patients at the Bristol hospital are not given priorities. It has emerged that the patients who are admitted for the hip surgery are the worse sufferers. Hip fractures are the most common among the Briton. About 70,000 people are admitted in the hospital with fractures. It is believed that the number will increase to 100,000 by 2020.

The sorry figure of the hospitals have also shown that the women with breast cancer are been neglected by the hospitals. About 70% of women who are above 70 years are being denied of life-saving breast surgery.

However, in some hospitals of the England, there is a noticeable variation as it has been found that about 90% women of 60 – 69 age groups are being provided with the surgery. The reason behind the volatility in the services of the hospital is so far not known. It is believed that complexity and risk involved in conducting surgery on 70-years-old women has led to increase in the denial of treatment.

Moreover, the report has revealed that elder patients are neglected of basic care. Many patients who are bed ridden are not properly cared which makes their condition worse.