Stony Stratford to Ban Smoking on Street

SmokingIt has been reported that Stony Stratford, a town in Britain, is all set to ban smoking on the street. A campaign has been launched by the town’s community police. The campaign has given police officers authority to fine the one found smoking on the street.

The ban has come into force after the British Medical Association recommendation to the government to ban smoking inside the car with children. The proposal by the Community Police is being supported by personalities like Paul Bartlett.

It has been revealed that the ban will be imposed on the streets of Stony Stratford by PCSOs, traffic wardens and members of the public. People are of the opinion that the ban would lead to clean and breathable environment.

Public health specialist Dr. Douglas Noble said, “It would be safer to have your exhaust pipe on the inside of your car than smoke cigarettes”. The ban on smoking will also include that those who work on Stony Street have to drive at the border of the town to smoke. Moreover, people won’t be allowed to live the cigarettes butts on the pavement. The motto of the campaign is to keep its street smoke free.