Burstow Exposes Social Care’s Secrets

Social-CareThe future plans for social care system in England will be announced next weekend and the Health Minister, Paul Burstow is expecting a public outcry. They have currently ruled out an NHS-style free national care service for everyone.

Due to the aging population in England, the current system to fund residential care and home visits, as well as meals on wheels is not sufficient enough. The funding is currently facing difficult issues to provide necessary services for their elderly patients.

At the King’s Fund think-tank in London, Burstow had to address the audience and stated that social care for the elderly would, “never, ever” be free and also warned pensioners that a fully state-funded system was a “fantasy”. Burstow claims that it’s about time people accepted the truth-even if they don’t want to.

“There are no cheers for the bearer of hard truths”, but Burstow wants to make sure that people don’t look at social care with a blind eye. He also warns that Andrew Dilnot’s plan to solve the social care funding is all but a myth. According to Burstow, one in 10 people will need to pay more than £100,000 for long term support during their old age. He claims these are the secrets from social care that people don’t know about.