Andrew Dilnot’s Proposals on Repair of Social Care Funding of Britain

Andrew Dilnot’s Proposals on Repair of Social Care Funding of BritainThe department of Health Council of Britain had appointed Andrew Dilnot an economist to study the backdrop in a social-care funding system implemented by the government. The government was falling short of funds so as to finance the care cost of elderly people of the country.

As per Andrew Dilnot, the government was unable to meet the financial aid to the elderly people because of increase in the rates of life-expectancy and therefore, the policy needed to undergo a repair. As per the policy guidelines, earlier the government provided care-funding to those elderly people who possessed assets with a value below £23,250. Mr. Dilnot suggested that the limit should be increased to £35,000 and that the government should be responsible for any further medical bill, beyond the suggested limit.

Another proposal made by Mr. Dilnot was provision of food and accommodation for the elderly, which would not be included in the £35,000 care cap and the charges for the second policy demanded from the people wanting to avail, was between £7,000 and £10,000 a year. As per Mr. Dilnot, £1.7 billion cost would rise over the next few years by 50% with a growing elderly population.