Dilnot Commission’s Report Calls For £1.7bn For Rehauling Social Care

Social-CareA clan of over 20 charities, including Carers UK and Mencap, have come forward to further escalate pressure on the government to extend financial stimulus for social health care.

Out of the total requirement of £1.7bn, trimming down spending and further tax rise are being termed as means of coming out of the hoopla being created after Dilnot Commission's report.

Urging ministers to act fast, Commission Chairman Andrew Dilnot claimed that government must come out with its final solution before the Easter to fast-track the proposal.

Even the NHS has committed to save £1bn a year from its £100bn-plus budget by 2014 to support its health care services. It's believed that by rehauling social care, NHS will be able to prune its system as lesser number of people will seek high-end treatment.

Among all the suggestions being lined out to save funds, increasing the basic rate of income tax by 0.25%, VAT by 0.5% or reducing pension tax relief can save a staggering £2bn.

Amid the cross-lashing, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley assured that Dilnot Commission's proposal will be combed through properly. Though Treasury remained defiant to give its final take, but it welcomed "constructive engagement from all stakeholders".

Irrespective of the pro and anti-Dilnot Commission group, a quick resolution for the same is being called for.