Top Police Officer Fears Collapse of Criminal Justice System over Controversial Policing Reforms

JusticeIt's believed that the proposed reforms to trim down funding for the police in England and Wales by 20% by 2014-15 could prove out to "threaten the impartial model of policing that has existed for 180 years and is revered across the world".

A shocking £11billion police cuts have somehow triggered a panic reaction as Sir Hugh Orde, the President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, came out to express his grave concerns amid rise of crime rate in recent times.

Sir Hugh stated: "Unless greater clarity emerges in the near future I fear we run the risk of compromising the safety of citizens and damaging a service which has been at the forefront of protecting the public for so many years".

Even Home Secretary Theresa May, told the same conference in Harrogate that police reforms should project a positive image and not triggers a panic button. Though key policing services are being left lurching in the air, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper pressed Mrs. May to give ear to Sir Hugh's warnings and further, criticised the Home Secretary of putting the long running tradition of impartiality at risk by reducing police numbers.

Although government's take on policing reforms is understandable, mismanagement at such a level can endanger the criminal justice system.