NHS Wait Times Have Worsened In the Past Year

NHSIt has been reported that NHS waiting times have grown longer than they have ever been. Thousands of people are waiting for more than six weeks on average to be tested for MRI, CT and heart scans.

In May alone, 15,900 people across England were forced to wait more than 6 weeks for these types of tests. When compared to last year it has increased by nearly 2,000 people from 12,400.

Shadow Health Secretary, John Healey stated: “These figures show that long waiting times for test are up more than four-fold since David Cameron became Prime Minister. It is clear that the Government’s reckless reorganization is begging to impact on patient care and that we are starting to see the NHS go backwards under the Tories”.

Though most hospitals are producing terrible results in regards to waiting times, there are some hospitals that are doing much better than expected. They have enabled the NHS to treat 90% of patients within 18 weeks.

The median wait time this past May was 1.9 weeks in comparison to 1.8 weeks the year before which demonstrated that waiting times “remained stable”. Either way, many believe that changes need to be made because waiting to be treated for cardiology tests, x-rays and ultra sounds can lead to additional suffering by patients.