Mrs. Bala’s Case Likely to Go to Court with Ageas to Have Denied Liability

sudesh-balaForty-seven-year-old, Sudesh Bala, an employee at Shobha UK Ltd, a catering company in Luton, was severely burned on her back, buttocks and groin when she fell into an industrial cooking pot that contained 50kg of steaming hot chicken curry on October 9th, 2010.

Mrs. Bala, who was severely injured by the incident, was working under pressure that day in order to serve nearly 500 guests at an exhibition in Birmingham.

It is reported that Mrs. Bala was alone in the kitchen when she slipped into the pot containing hot curry. Unable to climb out of the pot by herself, Mrs. Bala was forced to wait for more than 10 minutes until her colleagues were able to rescue her. Following the incident Mrs. Bala has not been able to work as a result of her injuries.

Though Mrs. Bala was later treated for injuries, she has suffered mental and emotional trauma from the experience. Even after having worked for more than 10 years for Shobha UK Ltd, she never received any health and safety training from the company.

Mrs. Bala has since decided to seek from Shobha UK Ltd. However, Ageas, the company's insurer has decided to take the case to court, with Ageas denying any form of liability in her case.