Betty Ford Passes Away At the Age of 93

Betty Ford Passes Away At the Age of 93Betty Ford, Former first lady who kept the nation aware of the drug abuse and alcoholism, passed away at the age of 93, this Friday at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage because of unknown reasons.

Her struggle to declare alcoholism as a disease marks an immense milestone in the health and drug abuse history. After the working of chemical dependency treatment center in Rancho Mirage, 1982, the nation was stunned by other side of alcoholism.

In 1978, she embraced a twelve-step Alcoholics Anonymous program while being treated for the same at Long Beach Naval Hospital. It was because of her hardships, she came up with the idea of treating people being abused of alcohol and other drugs.

Ford center in 1982 was formed to help people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse at an economy of affordability so that many people could free themselves from their disease. The opening ceremony was attended by Vice President George H. W. Bush. The center came in more limelight when celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor were treated there for alcohol addiction

With her fortnight talk shows on national television and consistent efforts, she made Americans aware of the drug and alcohol problems and its consequences, while motivating them to quit alcohol.