Amended NHS Reforms, Yet To Pass Litmus Test

Amended NHS Reforms, Yet To Pass Litmus TestThe House of Lords will witness a major rehaul in the machinery of the controversial but now revised NHS reforms. Even a former health minister agrees with this when he claimed that clinical commissioning groups should be handed over more authority with the health and wellbeing boards as 'key decision makers'.

The clinical commissioning groups need to be made more accountable owing to the responsibility of managing health budget in their key roles is concerned.

He added, “Given all the fog about who’s going to make decisions in the future it will be very tempting to look at those health and wellbeing boards as a body that will bring all of this together”.

Though the decision of the House of Lords on the health bill is highly dependent on the revision being made by the government, BMA’s campaign to wipe the bill out of the system would be closely monitored. Though there are certain issues still to be heard, Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Shirley Williams is of the opinion that the government had done its best in terms of a ‘genuine’ listening exercise.

Don’t get any misimpression that Baroness Williams is fine with the amended Health Bill as a lot is yet to be seen in the coming autumn.