Newcastle’s Town Moor Turns Pink in Annual Race for Life

Newcastle’s Town Moor Turns Pink in Annual Race for LifeAnnual Race for Life saw 7000 women taking part in the event which was organized by the Cancer Research UK at Newcastle’s Town Moor. The main attraction of the event was thousands of women, who adorned pink as their theme color for the occasion and this turned the town Moor in to a beautiful sea of pink.

This year marked 2000 more volunteers as compared to the last year. The venue of the event was changed from Exhibition Park to Town Moor due to the building renovation. The event started with a mass warm up, followed by the narration of motivational stories from cancer survivors and also from researchers who were doing study in this matter.

The Director of the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Professor Andy Hall, told that these kinds of events are essential to raise the funds and apart from making payments to the staff and for the maintenance of the building, everything is paid by charities such as Cancer Research UK.

Talking about the ‘only women’ factor, he said that every women who took part in the race has been raising money and when all the amount is put together, it does create a difference and if men would be included then it would take the form of competition which the event is absolutely not, so it’s very important to let some events for women only.

Event Manager Holly Howey informed that the event was a big success.