Make Your Toddlers Exercise 3 Hours a Day

Make Your Toddlers Exercise 3 Hours a DayIf you do not make your toddler exercise for 3 hours a day then you are probably storing problems for his future. This claim has come from Prof. Dame Sally Davies who is the Chief Medical Officer for England. According to her, if one keeps his baby in buggies and baby chairs then toddlers health is at risk as Science states that a baby needs to do a 3-hour physical activity per day.

Prof. Sally warned that a baby who spends too many hours sitting in a passive position in front of TV then problems for him are lined up for the future.

The suggested list for physical activity included 15 minutes walk, riding a bike, swimming and skipping, some babies are even expected to exercise on ‘baby gym’ mats. Prof. Davies, said, “We all know that they need to crawl and if they’re ready for it you can put them on their tummies to give them tummy time”.

National Clinical Director for liver, Department of Health, Prof. Martin Lombard told that due to obesity among kids, England has faced a liver disease known as ‘time bomb’ and for that, toddlers are asked to exercise at least
3-hours a day as a part of a government anti-obesity drive.

It is expected that by 2050, about two-third of children could be too heavy for their height.