IVF lottery Launched in Britain

IVF lottery Launched in BritainWin a baby scheme, which became controversial on ethical grounds, will be launching in Britain as this month the Britain's Gambling Commission has decided to give license to the fertility charity.

The scheme came into limelight when critics commented that the scheme is inappropriate as it has been humiliating human reproduction.

The game will be giving a chance to win a huge amount of £25,000, which can be spent by the winners to get their treatments done from the best fertility clinics. The tickets of the game will be sold by the news agents.

The game will not only be providing benefits to the couples but the elderly and gay people can also take part in it and then, can give their winning amount to their friends or family members.

If standard IVF fails, then the charity will be offering a reproductive surgery, donor eggs and sperm or a surrogate birth, though the winner will only be able to choose only one treatment.

Camille Strachan, Founder and the Chairmen of the charity, said that she also had fertility treatment and is very excited about the game. She adds, “The license couldn't have come at a better time because there were extreme budget cuts in government’s health services and due to which many couples were forced to get a private treatment".