30% Survive Lung Cancer in Various Parts of England: Report

30% Survive Lung Cancer in Various Parts of England: ReportA new report that was going to be presented at the House of Commons claimed that the Liverpool Primary Care Trust witnessed the highest rates of death due lung cancer. The Manchester and Liverpool PCTs were believed to highest occurrence of the disease of lung cancer, revealed in the research done by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

The patients at these Liverpool Primary Care Trusts did not survive whereas 30% patients at Herefordshire survived. Another research, Explaining Variations in Lung Cancer in England, discovered that the patients suffering with lungs cancer were treated differently in at Primary Trust Care’s of different region.

It is the geographical inequality that affected the survival rates in various parts of England, with lack of availability of treatments, chemotherapy, trained nurses and doctors to treat the disease. Dr Rosemary Gillespie, Chief Executive of The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, expected that the report prepared will improve the health services in various parts of the England.

The lung cancer was the most common cause for death in England, around 96% of people were diagnosed with the disease but only 30% were able to survive. As per the statistics in the report, the survival rate in Kirklees was
4.9% and 13% in Harrow.