New Findings Regarding Alzheimer's Disease

New Findings Regarding Alzheimer's Disease Researchers in Japan have recently revealed that Vitamin D could help in preventing Alzheimer's disease and can also help in declining the age-related memory loss and cognition.

The findings were revealed by the researchers from the Tetsuya Terasaki of Tohoku University in Japan and were published in the journal Fluids and Barriers of the CNS, post running the test and studying the affect of Vitamin D on the brain of the mice.

Researchers introduced the vitamin D injections to the mice, post which, they noticed some improvements in the removal of amyloid beta, which basically builds up the peptide amyloid beta in the brain and is directly linked to Alzheimer's disease.

"Vitamin D appears [to] increase transport of amyloid beta across the blood brain barrier by regulating protein expression, via the vitamin D receptor and also by regulating cell signaling," Terasaki says.

The findings of the study have really proved positive for the researchers and also have opened some new ways for the researchers to find new therapeutic targets enabling them to prevent the Alzheimer's disease at the earliest possible and with a firm treatment.

Growing age diminishes the fighting strength of a body against illnesses and Alzheimer's disease is also among the list of the diseases, the affect of which increases with growing age.