Georgia Tait Dies of Meningococcal Septicaemia

Georgia Tait Dies of Meningococcal SepticaemiaGeorgia Tait, resident of London died a day after she turned 18, due to meningococcal septicaemia, a kind of blood poisoning that occurs from a type of bacteria related to meningitis. Georgia Tait was back home after a trip to Greece with her friends on her birthday when she fell ill and died on Sunday.

On hearing about the death of Georgia Tait from such a disease, the parents of 700 pupils were advised to look for the symptoms of the disease in their children, to which doctors found some students at a lower risk of.

Georgia was a bright student and had returned from the trip to attend the award ceremony, where she was awarded for her brilliant performance in religious studies and psychology. Apart from being a brilliant student, she was also an active participant in the other co-curricular activities. She was the captain of one of the houses of the school, had presented her school in British Biology Olympiad and had won a Junior Sport Leadership Award.

Letters were issued to the parents of the students by the school authorities with the reference made by Health Protection Agency, providing information about the incident. As per Dr Barry Walsh, Director of the South West London Health Protection Unit, “All close contacts have been offered antibiotics in order to prevent any spread of infection”.