Cardiff Council Planning to Improve the Night-Life of the Region

As per some industry experts and Cardiff Council, there is a requirement on the part of the Government of Welsh, to handle the issue of economic growth of the region in a better way. The government has proved to be incapable in running neck to neck with other cities of England, in the establishment of an entertainment sector in the region.

The council plans to establish a “Castle Quarter” in the region, but it is unable to balance with the popular and inexpensive takeaways and with the highly expensive restaurants on one end. As per Gareth Hooper, partner at DPP planning consultants states that the development of a central business district depends on the development of city centre.

The council of the Cardiff city emphasized on the rules being formulated by the councils of the other cities in England. The city council wants to establish other sources of entertainment rather than bars and clubs. As per Mr. Hooper, “I think there’s a big opportunity for Cardiff to look at creating different quarters in the city centre, like the council has been doing with the branding and idea of the Castle Quarter. It is stuck at the moment because of planning rules but I think the development of the central business district and the high-end types of establishments which could come with this will be key.”