Tomato Fight Against Prostrate Cancer

Tomato Fight Against Prostrate CancerUsing Tomato in your daily diet may help in prevention of prostate cancer, study reports suggest.

Lycopene is the red pigmentation in tomato that makes tomato red. Lycopene is an anti oxidant which is either of the ways good for health. A series of studies have shown that using tomato in our daily lives may lower the risk of prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer.

Richard van Breemen, University of Illinois' professor of medicinal chemistry submitted a study report pertaining to cancer and tomato to journal Cancer Prevention Research. The study comprised of 105 patients aged between
50 to 80 years. They were divided into two groups; one receiving 30 mg lycopene while other received placebo capsules that contained only soybean oil, on daily basis.

The group consuming lycopene showed increase in antioxidant in the blood. Oxidative stress harms and injures the cell in the body and may lead to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Anti oxidants on the other hand help cells to cope up against the damage and in lowering oxidative

Anti-oxidants also slow down ageing process in body.

However, the study was restricted only to one race, on African–American men and therefore, the results cannot be implied globally, yet.