Grandma’s Advice Finds Its Place Again

Grandma’s Advice Finds Its Place AgainRemember Grandma’s advice, to have small bites, and chew well so that body has enough time to inform that one is full. But in busy life, one does not get time to follow her advice. Need not worry, researchers have found a way to keep people fit.

According to a US study, diners who use big forks eat less than to those who eat with small forks.

This interesting study was taken out by the researchers of University of Utah in the U. S. The experiment continued for two days in an Italian restaurant. The strategy was- tables were laid with either a big fork that could have 20% more food or a small fork which hold 20% less food than the restaurant’s regular size forks. This study aimed to assess the impact of bite size on quantities ingested. The size of each plate with food was weighed before being served to guests, and again was weighed to check the quantity of leftover food.

It was concluded that diners, who were given big forks ate less and left more food in their plates.

Co-author of the study, Arul Mishra explained that the results were only applicable in restaurants, as the guests come with a goal to satiate their hunger and for that they are ready to invest their effort and resources. The satisfaction comes by choosing, consuming, and paying bill. All of this requires effort, and when big forks are given, less effort is required, and ultimately less food is consumed.