Men Prefer Cuddle Over Sex

CuddleA recent survey carried by the experts at the Kinsey Institute has found that most of the men prefer cuddle over sex. The survey has claimed that it’s just a myth that men think about sex every seven seconds. The survey was published in the August issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Experts found that men who frequently kissed and cuddled their wives and girlfriends were three times more satisfied than those who spend less time with their female partners.

The results of the study were based on the evaluation of more than 1,000 pairs of partners from Germany, Spain, Japan, Brazil and America who had been together for an average of 25 years. These participants were aged between 40 and 70.

The researchers asked them questions about how many times in the past month they had kissed, cuddled, caressed and made love with their partner and also how satisfied they were with their relationships and sex lives.

Lead researcher, Julia Heiman said that the results of the survey came as a surprise for them. She said, “Cuddles were more important to men in predicting the degree of happiness, the really useful message is we should not make presumptions about the genders”.