FSANZ Warns About Caffeinated Drinks

FSANZTo the disappointment of almost every sex lover, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) had issued warning over consuming caffeinated drinks. Sold under the same Sexpresso and Rock Hard, the watchdog found that these suspected drinks were found with performance-enhancing drug sildenafil, commonly known as Viagra, despite the fact that addition of banned drugs to foods will pose extended threat to users.

Confirming the news, FSANZ said, "These analogues, like any drugs can interact with prescription medicines and may be dangerous, particularly for people with certain health conditions”. However, the extent of risk connected with the analogues is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, state and territory food enforcement agencies have escalated their efforts to probe the products sold on the internet and in adult shops, so that the spurious nexus is being cut at a safe point.

Earlier to this, a range of products were recalled from the market after they were found having adulterated with medicines. Moreover, consumers are being called to stop taking such suspected products with immediate effect and consult their doctors for any suspected symptoms of serious health concern. Even consumers are called to talk to their doctors before taking such products.