Medical Fraternity Appeals For Review of DMO’s Drug Refusal

DMOTo the shock of millions of British diabetic patients, the new guidelines issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has suggested not to use Lucentis as drug for diabetic macular oedema (DMO).

It’s being believed that the manufacturer, Novartis, had not ascertained the incremental cost-effectiveness for Lucentis, also known as ranibizumab, accurately as compared to the standard laser therapy for DMO.

Confirming the news, Sir Andrew Dillon, Nice’s Chief Executive, said: “The independent appraisal committee was acutely aware visual impairment can have a substantial negative impact on quality of life and activities of daily living in people with DMO, especially since it can affect people’s ability to manage their diabetes”.

With the report making reverberations in the contours of medical fraternity, the charity and eye health experts have appealed the Nice’s think tank and Novartis to make collaborative attempt to resolute the matter, thereby putting patient’s health as top most priority as a large number of people with diabetes would be forced to bear the risk of losing their vision.

In addition, Sarah Rochira, Director of RNIB Cymru, has expressed grave concern about the dire consequences of this step on thousands of diabetic patients and further, called for swift action.