Ketamine Quite Popular After Classification and Price Cut: Study

KetamineKetamine has become quite popular among the clubbers in the UK, as the users were not aware of its harmful effects, a study revealed.

Around 90 users of the drug were examined and it was notified that one out of eight persons became a victim of accident after taking the drug.

In the year 2006, ketamine was termed as a Class C drug and its classification and cheap availability has made it more popular.

According to an annual drugs survey, the price of the drug has gone down from £30 to £20 a gram and the British Crime Survey (BCS) notified that the users of the drug have increased from 85,000 in 2006-2007 to 113,000 in 2008-

In 2005, four deaths were notified due to the usage of ketamine and the count climbed to 22 deaths in 2008.

Authors’ Dr. Celia Morgan and Professor Val Curran have notified that ketamine can be addictive.

Professor Curran stated, “It is vital that ketamine users and professionals have access to accurate information on ketamine use to reduce its potential harms”.

The researchers have warned all the users about the dangers of taking the drug as the usage can lead to the removal of bladders and can result in hallucinations, memory loss and lethal accidents.