BMA Polls to Pass a Series of Motions Critical of the Government's Bill

BMAThe British Medical Association's council and the executive committee of the union have casted votes to pass a series of motions critical of the government's bill. The BMA credits to represent more than 140,000 doctors has opposed the proposal that government's proposed changes to the bill will significantly reduce the risk of further privatization of the NHS.

The Chairman of council at the BMA, Dr. Hamish Meldrum, said that the BMA recognizes the prevalent feeling that the forecasted proposal is complex enough where colleagues has backed his statement and tagged the bill as just a privatization bill.

Further, a Welsh Government Spokesman notified that NHS organizations have significant budgets and are expected to live within means. “Despite the UK Government’s significant cuts to the Welsh Government budget, we continue to invest 43% – the largest single proportion of our overall budget – on health and social services. In addition, an extra £65m of Welsh Government funding is being made available over the next three years for the NHS to reduce orthopedic waiting times”, he added.

Meanwhile, sources have warned that patient services could be threatened as health authorities focused to save almost half a billion pounds, this year.