East Lancashire Research Program Beneficial For Patients and Staff

East Lancashire’s hospitals are working a great deal in medical improvement. The hospital is carrying out researches and studying on various illnesses while treating patients well at the same time.

In year 2010-11, the hospital beat hits target with 200%, it researched on 2905 patients, three times more than its set target of 1000 patients.

Currently more than 200 studies are being carried out in hospitals.

The hospital was selected as national Infant Study center last year, for testing the newly implemented computerized system for monitoring baby’s health during complex births and for testing the monitoring system’s efficiency.

Researchers are also studying whether mothers feel pain during childbirth if they use self-hypnosis techniques.

The research helps staff with better understanding and helps patients to get best medical services as they are part of National research program.

“Conducting research within the trust helps our staff develop their skills and ensures conditions which particularly affect the population of East Lancashire get the attention of the national research community”, said Professor Peter Ormerod, Research Director for the trust.

Patients do not need to worry much as research has almost negligible impact on patient’s treatment, only a handful of trials propagate new drugs.

The NHS National Institute for Health Research established 25 networks across England, including the Cumbria and Lancashire Comprehensive Local Research Network.