Bad Diets on High in UK

Since last two years, the Department of Health, UK, was scrutinizing the eating habits of teenage girls here and as a result they found it to be worst.

According to the reports of National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS), when a teenage girl needs to consume five portions of fruits and vegetables every day, then in UK they eat only half of it.

Out of the total teenage girl’s population, only 7% aged 11 to 18 ensure to have all five recommended servings.

At the same time, the teenage boys and adults also do not have a healthy report. According to their survey reports, on average only 13% boys aged 11 to 18 and 37% adults, aged 19 to 64 preferred having the recommended five-meals-a-day diet. And as far as their daily fruits and vegetables servings are concerned, boys consume only 3.1 and adults only 4.2 servings of the recommended amount.

A shocking fact to know is that all aged groups including both boys and girls were found to be consuming higher amounts of saturated fat and non-milk extrinsic sugars which are harmful for ones nutritional values.

However, till now, no such new nutritional problems have been identified in the present general population but according to experts with such ratios, it seems quite difficult to improve the public diet.