Details of NHS Land

According to the reports of a preliminary assessment made by Department of Health, around 8% of NHS’s total 5,000 acre land is still under-utilized. However, most of this is not suitable for selling off, but if 1.5 per cent of it is sold, then approximately £2.5 billion could be raised.

It includes some space in the middle of a hospital complex which is just impractical for housing but could be further used for developing more of health services.

However, due to absence of up-to-date audit, the Department of Health is not sure about the actual land that could be sold off. But David Flory, who is the Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS, has asked the heads of health authorities to provide him with full details of their estates because NHS now wants to review its property portfolio as part of "Government plans to release enough public land to build up to 100,000 new homes by 2015".

As argued by him, "Selling surplus land represents a win-win situation for everyone involved; the NHS is able to reduce its costs and focus on better services for patients whilst the available surplus land can go towards the Government’s initiative".

It is during the late autumn, when the Government is expected to publish such proposals on the sale of NHS land.