NHS Suggests Patients to Heal Themselves

NHS has reported that the patients who smoke or who are obese should try to heal themselves before being accessed to the surgeries. The reason behind this was that NHS was rationing as doctors struggle to find £20 billion of savings for the next four years.

Doctors who are practicing in Hertfordshire have agreed to block the patients who smoke or those who have a BMI of more than 30 from being referred for routine hip or knee replacement surgery without first being referred to a weight management or smoking cessation scheme. The doctors are providing care to 450,000 patients.

"This is about GPs accepting a greater gate keeping role. The NHS spends a fortune on treatments of limited clinical value. We trawled through the evidence and found outcomes were poorer for smokers and the obese. They are in hospital longer, have more complications, more post-operative infections and do less well," says Tony Kostick, Chairperson of the north east Hertfordshire clinical commissioning group.

He added that they are trying their best to make GPs understand that if they spend money on one patient, then the money will not be available for the next patient and if the obese patient loses weight then they might not need any surgeries.