Universities of Buffalo and Vermont Chants Diet Mantras

Universities of Buffalo and Vermont Chants Diet MantrasAs surveyed by the researchers from Universities of Vermont and Buffalo, the higher the variety of food items, there exist higher chances for in-taking more calories. And therefore, it is said that "Meal monotony" is beneficial when it comes to fight against obesity.

Other than variety, one more aspect has been determined with the help of this survey. If a similar food item is offered to eat every day, then after some time, the craving for it reduces and it results in lowering down of calories.

For example, during this survey, two groups of women were formed and one was asked to accomplish a task for a 125-calorie portion of macaroni and cheese every day and other group was asked to do this work only one in five days. As a result, it was found, that the intake of former group was reduced by 100% calories per day, whereas for the later group, their calorie intake was increased by 30%.

This is something known as "habituation" and it puts light on the fact that when a same substance is offered repeatedly then it loses the quality and quantity of response.

So if you are planning to lose weight, then while eating a food that is not good for you, just remember that you recently had it; this might help you reduce its consumption.