Labour Leader Ed Miliband Underwent a Nasal Operation

Ed-MilibandLabour leader Ed Miliband’s voice remained unaffected even after spending £1,300 on nasal operation, yesterday. The surgery took place at London’s Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital.

A Labour source stated, "I've spoken to him since the operation and his voice sounds exactly the same".

The leader underwent an hour-long surgery to repair ‘deviated septum’ in his nose, but his speaking manner has remained unchanged.

Deviated septum indicates the internal blockage in the nose on one of the sides due to the dislocation of cartilage from the bone. It affects the voice and leads to bunged up sound, and can be dangerous to health as it causes breathing problem and affects the sleeping habit.

The doctors had advised Mr. Miliband to undergo the surgery as he was suffering from sleep apnoea, a condition that causes irregular sleep and excessive snoring.

The leader will be on baby food diet like soup and pulped fruit for a few days after the surgery.

A spokeswomen for the Labour leader said, “He is now recovering for a few days before going on holiday with his family”.

His staff had announced that Mr. Miliband underwent a surgery due to medical reasons and not due to cosmetic reasons.