British Scientists Reveal Universal Flu Jab Against All Strains

Flu-JabIn a much warranted attempt to escalate level of protection for people sensitive to wide range of infections, a 'super-antibody’ against flu has been developed by British scientists.

If reports are to be believed, Flu kills up to 12,000 Britons each year. It’s being believed that the drug F16 would protect all hosts of strains on people, including pregnant women, the elderly and young children. As if now, protection for 75% of vaccinated people is available, thus the need of a sure shot solution was very much needed.

For testing its impact on all strains of influenza A - the bug behind swine flu, bird flu and most cases of winter flu, the team of British and Swiss researchers injected the super-body in mice and then infected them with doses of flu virus to make them ill.

The results found that it restraint them from falling sick and moreover, if given immediately after injection, it can ward off the disease swiftly.

Swiss researcher Professor Antonio Lanzavecchia said: “The high prevalence of seasonal influenza and the unpredictability of new pandemics highlight the need for better treatments that target all influenza viruses”.

As far as its availability is concerned, it’s being told that it would be accessible to people affected with severe infections only.