Mephedrone, Second Popular Drug among Adolescents, Says Report

MephedroneAround one in 25 teenagers and young adults, roughly 300,000 people, have confessed to use lethal drug mephedrone. Figures from British Crime Survey, gathered from the regions of England and Wales, have notified a noticeable increase in cannabis use and a staggering 25% increase in ketamine use.

Further, mephedrone can be considered as second most popular drug among those teenagers aged 16-24. The drug has gained popularity similar to cocaine. However, the Chief Executive of the NHS Information Centre, Tim Straughan, has notified reduction in number of adolescents having a desire to practice fagging, boozing or drugs.

While commenting on the figures, the Director of the family Education Trust, Norman Wells, marked the figures as hopeful sign to indicate that things are moving in a proper direction.

“More responsible attitudes to alcohol and drugs will lead to improvements in the general physical and mental health of young people and lower rates of youth crime”, added Norman Wells. “They confirm that young people are not at the mercy of their urges and physical appetites, but are capable of exercising self-control and behaving in a responsible way”.

Further, he added that it will also result in less casual sexual activity, hence lower rates of teenage pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted infections among the youngsters.