Renowned Scientist Warns About Facebook Obsession

facebookIn a much warranted attempt, a renowned scientist has revealed possible consequences of spending excessive time on faecbook and other social networking sites. The professor of pharmacology at Oxford University is of the view that a large number of people using social networking sites could be at a possible threat of "identity crisis".

"Think of the implications for society if people worry more about what other people think about them than what they think about themselves", said Baroness Greenfield

The way users get impatient after not seeing any response to their updated status on facebook account generates a sense of insecurity in them, thereby affecting their concentration power to a great extent. Even facebook addicts are likely to avert eye contact during any conversation.

If reports are to be believed, over 750 million people across the world use facebook to share photographs and videos and post their updated status of the day.

The fact that millions of twitter users share minute to minute detail about their movement and future plans perplexed the researcher as to why the users are overly dependent on opinion of others for their life.

Looking at the euphoria surrounding the social networking sites, it seems that a large number of people have started rating them on the basis of them being part of the mania or not.