PCT Keen on Raising Minimum Waiting Time For Patients

Primary-care-trustNHS waiting time for a patient to get treated has become a matter of debate among different humanitarians.

In Britain, patients have a legal right to start hospital treatment within 18 weeks after they have been referred by their GP.

Primary care trust (PCT) is seeking to increase the average waiting time of patient from 13 weeks to 16 weeks. PCT is keen of raising the time limit because of its worsening financial positions.

A study by Co-operation and Competition Panel outlines that a minimum waiting time of 15 weeks is being imposed by PCTs, This is totally unnecessary as the hospitals have the enough resources to admit the patient's sooner. It is believed that the new regulation will force many patients to go private and those who can not afford the private treatment, will simply suffer or die in wait.

Some believe that even if the time is not raised, various PCTs will deliberately linger on the time subject to 18 weeks. Another argument from doctors have come up that delayed treatments may make patient's conditions worse and therefore more expensive care might be required, saving money in long run might not be attainable.

Generally patients wait in high specialty areas where there are not enough specialists, but making a minimum wait barrier will create a problem for other patients too.