Drinking Reasons Revealed

DrinkingAccording to a research from Drinkaware, it has been reported that adults use stress as a reason to drink, as the most popular ones were negative.

Also, both men and women stated that their major reason for drinking at the end of the day was stress, as there were 73% women, compared to 57% of men identifying stress to be their main reason.

However, the survey points out the impact of alcohol on domestic evening routine, as getting a glass of wine is identified as the second well known alternative by 61% to relax in front of the TV, and drinking to relax after a stressful day, was rated higher than people’s desire to spend time with their children by 28%, or talk to one another by 26%.

Chris Sorek, Drinkaware’s Chief Executive said, “This isn’t about abstinence. It’s about understanding how much is too much, and how much alcohol can affect your body. At times of stress, you may think that having a drink will help you sleep, instead you’ll feel more stressed”.

Moreover, Drinkaware has created my. drinkaware. co. uk/begin, which is a unit calculator and drink diary, which gives a feedback on the risk levels of alcohol intake and displays data in units, calories and spending.