Britishers Suffer From Eating Disorders, Says Research

Britishers Suffer From Eating Disorders, Says ResearchWhat is seen, is not truth always, would go with this story, as it is found that media has affected pre-teens very badly, when it comes to their food intake.

Seeing skinny girls on the cover page of the magazines, and on the television, small girls aged at five or six, thinks they should also be that thin, and start skipping meals. Owing to this reason, the Brownies and charity B-eat charity has blamed that pre-teens eating disorders led them to get admitted to the hospitals.

Research that got published in the British Journal of Psychiatry collected data from 35 NHS hospitals, and discovered that in last three years, more than 2100 youngsters were admitted to hospitals, among them, 98 were aged between five and seven.

B-eat Chief Executive Angela Ringwood said, “Children are receiving very pernicious messages”. The research has revealed that individuals who suffer from eating disorders have suffered from some kind of feeding problem in their early childhood.

Boys are no less, according to the figures, there is 66% increase in men, in last 10 years, who have to take medical treatment owing to bulimia and anorexia.

Eating disorder report author, Dr. Dasha Nicholls said that in total, there are 1.6 million people in the UK who suffer from eating disorders.