London Police Alert Clubbers

London Police Alert ClubbersScotland Yard officials revealed that after two clubbers were detected with some seriously illness, London police officials have issued warnings to all the clubbers.

The whole issue came into lime light, when a senior detective claimed that after the incident, two victims, after consuming drugs, fell ill and were admitted to the hospital but the drug was not reported.

Meanwhile, on the issue, Adrian Usher, the Detective Superintendent, accounted that the department, from past two weekends, had been reported with the same incidences, where the clubbers out of happiness consumed these drugs and later, they were admitted to the hospitals.

He advised that all the clubbers should not consume these dangerous drugs because these can increase the chances of some critical health problems

He further advised that if anybody had stocks of these drugs, then they should immediately destroy them, as the drug dealers were only concerned in earning money from them and as a result of which, users never had any idea that what they were taking.

He added, "All drug-taking involves an element of risk. Users need to be aware that a potentially fatal batch of ecstasy is out there and understand the devastating effect it can have on their health”.