Researcher Gives Kidney Sale Proposal

DundeeSources revealed that, in an article available on the British Medical Journal website, the senior research fellow at Dundee University recommended that all the residents should be allowed to sell their kidneys with a price tag of £28,000.

However, the recommendation was made after the sources claimed that numerous health departments suffered from the kidney donation shortage.

The researcher also claimed that beside the fact that the plan was against the medical ethics, if the authorities passes the plan, the health staff would get a great help to tackle the donation’s problem.

Meanwhile, Sue Rabbitt Roff, a senior research fellow at the University of Dunde, added, “This would be an incentive across most income levels for those who wanted to do a kind deed and make enough money to, for instance, pay off university loans and the level of donation of both deceased and living kidneys has never kept pace with the need”.

On the other hand, medical organizations strongly critics the plan and claimed that they would be opposing it.

In the mean time, giving his views on the issue, Dr. Tony Calland, Chairman of the BMA’s Medical Ethics Committee and former Chairman of the Welsh Committee, accounted that the BMA would not shore up any expenses on the plan of donating organs.