NICE Rejects MS Pill

NICE Rejects MS PillIn a recent development it has been revealed that the drug for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis has been rejected by the Nice and they are of the view that it is too costly. The drug was awaiting approval by the food and drug authority and there was a spark of hope among the patients suffering from the same.

The way this drug would work, is that the patient would have inject themselves with the medicine once in a few days or go to a hospital for the same. There was a trial conducted on this medicine and it was found that it was unaffordable for most people. It was beneficial though, and cut the number of disabilities to half than what they were in the past.

It was however revealed by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) that the drug is not cost effective and there need to be revisions made regarding the same before it can be passed for use to be public.

The ones who were most saddened by this new revelation are the charities that run for the benefit of the patients with MS. They said that the decision has left them disappointed as they were expecting this treatment to work well for the patients.